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Low Self Esteem Affects Romantic Relationships

Do you often find yourself hiding significant issues from your partner out of fear of how they will react? If so you may suffer from low self-esteem. A new study from Waterloo University was presented this week at the Society for Personality, and Social Psychology found that self-image may be at the heart of your fear.

Persons suffering from low self-esteem tend to have more doubt and anxieties about whether or not they are loved or that the love will last. Some of the signs of this condition in a relationship is a partner who actively resists talking about important issues. Another sign is a partner who tends not to voice their complaints due to fear of rejection. These persons will often try to smooth over issues rather than fight and face a potentially adverse outcome.Click here to see full article

Partners with low self-esteem may become outraged and defensive in arguments in an attempt to protect themselves and whatever self-esteem they may have. Sadly such persons will more often than not stay in an unhappy relationship rather than facing not being loved at all. The paper did not say how individuals can increase their self-image but learning to speak out on the main issues is a good start. Many of us believe that we should allow annoyances to pass over us. People at Anastasia Date know that is true for minor issues where the individual is merely annoyed by a behavior. However the significant matters such as money, showing respect, or care of children will be avoided by persons who have these type of questions, and this makes for an unhappy, unstable relationship.

How Do Biotech Startups Succeed? Mark Ahn Explains.

Mark Ahn & the secret to biotech industry success

PR Newswire first published this account of a conversation with Dr. Mark Ahn at Pukana Partners on biotech startups. Dr. Ahn has done a great deal of work on the biotech startup field, and he has advice for anyone who wants to dive into that arena.

Get Your Own Business Plan

The business plan for a biotech startup is different than the business plan for any other company. These companies has to wait months or even years to get certain products ready to sell, and they need to be flexible in the ways that they will make money.

Agree On The Plan

Many management teams and boards of directors have a hard time agreeing on the plan that must be used to propel the business forward. This is an issue for anyone who wants to have a successful business, and arguing needs to be kept to a minimum.

He knows how the startups work in this industry, and he has done the research that shows that these businesses only succeed under parameters he has studied.

See original post: Mark Ahn Explains Why Some Biotech Startups Succeed, While Others Wither

Sailor Gutzler Becomes America’s Latest Sweetheart


Americans continue to be enthralled by a brave and lucky seven-year old girl who managed to survive the crash of her family’s Piper PA-34 Seneca twin engine airplane, Sailor Gutzler. The aircraft was being piloted by her father, 48 year old Marty Gutzler. Mr. Gutzler was an experienced pilot and flight instructor with over 4,000 hours of air time. The airplane experienced engine trouble after being flown into bad weather.

The plane landed upside down and was burning when Sailor managed to crawl out of a small window to escape, despite having a broken wrist. She had survived the crash because she was in the rear seat of the cabin, which, my buddy Flavio Maluf claims to be the most protected seat. The amazing part of the story is what followed next: Sailor managed to remain calm, orient herself in unfamiliar woods, and traverse 3/4 of a mile through those woods in the dark. She had to cross a creek, fallen trees, and a blackberry briar patch. She was dressed for warm weather in Florida and the temperature where she was in Kentucky was a balmy 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Apparently Sailor’s father was a survivalist and had taught her basic survival skills (or, perhaps they were just country folks). She not only found a house in the dark, it was the home of a grandfather, 71 year old Larry Wilkins. Larry’s two dachshunds let him know when Sailor knocked timidly on his door (a particular skill of Dachshunds).

For much of 2014 I (a 68 year old grandfather) have been wishing that I could adopt 17 year old Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai. Now I have to add Sailor to the list. There has been a fund established to help Sailor (, which allows us all to adopt her (that Nobel Prize helps Malala, who does have a family).

New Initiative Helps Welfare Recipients Eat Healthy

A common occurrence in many urban areas is for people to shop at local convenience stores which have notoriously poor food choices. Most of these shops carry processed foods and typical junk food options with not a single piece of fresh food to be found. This can be an issue for people who receive assistance in the form of food stamps.

In New York there is a new initiative aimed at bettering the health of families and particularly children who are overweight. The Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program allows families to receive tokens that are used in local farmer’s markets the tokens can be redeemed for double the dollar amount of fresh fruits and vegetables.

There seems to be a slow return to using food as medicine and this community program is a great example of how people want to make good choices if they are given the education and ability to do so. On Twitter Jared Haftel added that the program has a few participating hospitals that offer advice, recipes, and the all-important “Health Bucks” that allow families access to farm-fresh produce.

New York is only one of about 30 states that offer similar healthy-eating initiatives to low-income families. The trend has been that offering assistance in this area produces measurable results in both decreasing body mass index levels of participating children as well as increased healthy food consumption of their respective families.