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Reasons Behing the Success of BMG’s Marcio Alaor


Brazil has been developing rapidly in terms of economic advancement making it among the most top performing nations in the world. This has led to the development of many banking institutions in Brazil offering affordable banking services to the larger population. In a recent development strategy, the BMG Bank president announced the joint venture initiative with Itaú Unibanco in provision of new payroll loans to individuals. This is geared towards ensuring many people and customers of the bank are able to access financing through using payrolls as collateral. This was agreed upon after three days of discussion between the BMG Executive Márcio Alaor and Roberto Setubal the Chief Executive Officer of Itaú Unibanco. The newly formed company has not yet developed the operational framework but it is in the process of resuming operation soon. The company being a joint venture is to start operating with an initial capital of 1billion dollars and the Itaú Unibanco is said to benefit a lot by getting 70 % of the shares and BMG Bank retaining the remaining 30%.

Márcio Alaor is optimistic that the company will succeed in the provision of the services. This is after the Itaú Unibanco in conjunction with BMG Bank partnered in bringing together over three million people on board. The BMG president is optimistic that as the new commercial director of the joint venture will deliver the organization into a successful entity. The two companies are geared towards making the company the most successful through BMG Bank contributing 300 million dollars while Itaú Unibanco contributing the remaining 700 million dollars respectively.

The two entities have a rich profile when it comes to the capital and financial portfolio. Itaú Unibanco has over R $ 10 billion while BMG has accumulated over 29billion dollars. This will act as the best capital base towards the development of the joint venture. This was originally reported on the Otempo Economia. This is according to the information on

Márcio Alaor has developed interest in other fields like the transport sector and he recently outlined the best performing airlines in the world. He acknowledges that plains are the fastest and safest mode of transport across the world.

As a result, he outlined 15 companies that have performed well in 2015. Qatar Airline emerged the best due to the good and comfort conditions of the airlines. The company has over 158 aircraft and operates in many parts of the world. They also offer transport services in Brazil and the surrounding cities.