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A Handful of Sentiments of Educational Endeavors, Courtesy of Preston Smith, CEO of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was created over ten years ago as a joint collaboration between the sharp minds of Preston Smith and John Danner, the former having nearly a decade’s worth of experience in educating people living in impoverished areas with students largely hailing from low-income families, with Danner being highly skilled in technological design and application. The duo have combined to create a system of public charter schools that have effectively integrated technology into classrooms all throughout the United States, being known as a pioneer in bringing together the formerly separated areas of education and technological devices.

Earlier this May, Preston Smith published an article that detailed ten important things he’s learned throughout his time as an educator and administrator for Rocketship Education. Here are a handful of those sentiments.

The ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds of teachers should match the makeup of their particular classrooms. For example, if Rocketship Education has ten classrooms in one of its locations, with three of them being made up of strictly Asians and blacks, the teacher should be either Asian or black, if not a mixture of the two races. Doing so helps students learn as much as possible, as they’re more engaged in capacities in which their teachers’ backgrounds fit their own.

Parents should always be inherently involved with educational operations. One such application is interviewing candidates, both educators and administrators, alike. Panels of parents, typically in the range of 3 to 6, are combined with between one and three teachers or administrators, or a combination of them, to screen applicants. Parents deeply understand what their children want, being subject to what information they provide them about their experiences at school.

Parents also are asked to give their opinions about their kids’ teachers and how well they’re doing at school.

Even further, parents are asked to house a visit from their children’s teacher(s) at least once a year, helping increase the efficacy of their individualized learning plans.

Redwood City, California, bordering the San Francisco Bay Area’s northern border, is home to Rocketship Education’s foundation, although its first academic year of operation took place in a church in largely low-income San Jose.