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Joseph Bismark: Remarkable Career


The Newsom Thing Was Going On blog that I have read off of WordPress has a lot to say about Joseph Bismark. One thing that I find remarkable is his career. He has achieved more in a few years than many people achieve in a lifetime. He has not decided to settle for less because others have told him to. He understood that true fulfillment came from following his own path. He did not let anyone tell him who he was and what he could do. As a result of his experiences, he has sought to inspire people to find their path.

Fresh out of his time as a monk, he has decided to take the principles that he has learned in the Philippines mountains and apply them to business. He held the belief that business can benefit greatly from spirituality. This was a belief that was rare. As a matter of fact, there are still very few businesses that have learned to incorporate spirituality into their practices. Many people still believe that it can’t work. However, Joseph Bismark has proven that spirituality can really bring a business to new levels of success when used wisely. As a matter of fact, the only time spirituality is seen as harmful to business is if it insults someone’s pride. However, that is not a harmful thing. It is the person’s pride that is harmful. 

In his career he has ran and started several businesses. With his spiritual practices, he has treated people with respect regardless of the level or position they are in. While he does see people as they are, he also believes that they can achieve the same level of greatness that he has achieved. He continues to work hard to provide the environment not just for people to work, but to grow in ways that are only beneficial to their lives.