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Andy Wirth joins Reno Airport board as Chairman

As reported in the Sierra Sun — The Reno Airport Authority Board has been given a major shakeup as the transport hub looks to expand into the future and improve its facilities for travelers and airlines alike, The Sierra Sun reports. Alongside the three new board members who were announced recently a new chairman of the board has also been installed in the form of Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO Andy Wirth. The nine member Reno Airport Authority Board will seek to enhance the reputation and facilities offered by using the experience of Wirth and the new board members, who all have experience in bringing major airlines to different areas of North America.

Andy Wirth has been a major part of the recent development of the Reno area as a summer and winter sports resort following his appointment to the board of the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority in 2013. The growth of the airport is seen as important to the future tourism industry in the region, which Wirth has recently referred to as the gateway to Lake Tahoe. 

Developing major airline links to the Reno region is the next step in the development of the area and is designed to ensure the future of resorts like Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. In his previous roles in the tourism industry Wirth has been instrumental in securing the arrival of major airlines to regions of Utah, Colorado and Canada. As an expert in international resort management for some of the top vacation providers in the world, Andy Wirth is determined to bring the top airlines and travel providers to the Reno region through his work with the Reno Airport Authority Board.

Vijay Eswaran’s Business Background

Vijay Eswaran found employment in American, but he returned to Asia because he wanted a better corporate career. By using his entrepreneurial abilities, he built a very successful company called QI Group.

Although Eswaran is the founder of a huge multi-mullion dollar business, he is also a skilled businessman, an established author, a motivational speaker, and a philanthropist. Since he motivates a lot of people, Vijay must constantly travel so that he can discuss various topics.

Eswaran’s philanthropist role is very important to him. This is why he has two well-known foundations that tackle various projects involving education, empowerment, and development tasks for teenagers and kids. In 2011, Vijay Eswaran’s charitable acts were recognized by the Heroes of Philanthropy.

Because Eswaran has outstanding business skills, he designed an efficient multi-level marketing scheme for Qnet. The system relies on independent representatives who refer items to clients for compensation based on volume of sales.

Educational Background

Eswaran learned about business at the London School of Economics. He graduated and earned a degree in socio-economics in 1984. Following gradation, he remained in Europe for a year and found employment a different business locations. However, Eswaran wanted to start his own business, so he pursued an MBA at Southern Illinois University. In 1998, he achieved his goal by launching QI group, which is an e-commerce conglomerate.

Many corporate publications recognized how Eswaran grew Qnet into a reputable company. For example, Forbes Magazine published a feature called Selling a Better Life. The report basically covered Eswaran’s journey while he grew Qnet into an established brand. Readers also got a lot of honest information about the history of Qnet and key strategies that helped Qnet become a worldwide brand.

Overall, Eswaran built a successful company because of his businesses skills. However, his charity acts and motivation lectures are appreciated too.