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The Way Forward with IT Development

As we advance in age and technology, innovations in hacking come in handy. It has come to a point where IT experts are taking the Internet of Things (IoT) seriously. Many people have been left vulnerable to cyber-criminals. Jason Hope, a futurist, wrote an article at the beginning of this year expressing some of his concerns about security threats brought about by some IoT devices. Hackers are attracted to a combination of sensitive information and an infrastructure that is not strong. He went ahead to say that most of the time, devices connected to the small internet are too weak to support encryption.

Jason Hope analyses how advancement in technology drives economic trends. He says that continued security breaches in most companies will result in consumers demanding better IT securities for their equipment. Most of the time when people talk about security breaches, they assume that their email passwords were stolen or their credit cards were compromised. This, however, is not the case. Devices such as fitness trackers or security cameras that were meant to help us can be used to spy on the user. It is important for people to know that security breaches do not merely affect our financials, it also affects one’s social aspects of life.

Many devices when first introduced to the market have high-security standards, but lack support for automatic updates. Jason Hopes says that saving information on the cloud makes it easier to be obtained by hackers. It is high time that software and hardware companies become responsible and safeguard users’ data. Jason Hope’s suggestion to individuals is to protect themselves by for instance configuring each device with a unique signature. The admin can hence be notified if an unknown computer attempt to have access. IT developers ought to stay steps ahead of hackers if they need to stay profitable.

Besides being a believer of the internet of things, Jason Hope is an entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. He is a resident of Tempe, Arizona. Mr. Hope received his degree from the Arizona State University. Jason later went to Carey School of business from where he received his MBA. Many people have come to know Jason Hope due to his entrepreneurial skills. He has been actively involved in charity work. He stands behind SEN Foundation, which aims at taking anti-aging to the next level. He has been active at the Tony Hawk Foundation as well as the Arizona Science Center.

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Bob Reina Introduces Video Emailing

If you’re unfamiliar with Bob Reina, he is the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a purveyor of video email marketing and video conferencing solutions. In 2007, Reina began Talk Fusion by introducing video emails; the concept was a departure from traditional text emails. By using video emails, video files could be integrated into traditional emails, which eliminated the need for a separate email attachment. According to an article in, Reina recognized a potential market for this revolutionary way of emailing when he was unable to send a video- integrated email to his family. After conferring with an IT friend, Reina quickly realized that there was a way to circumvent this problem, and create a successful business in the process.


In an effort to scale Talk Fusion, Reina quickly became familiar with network marketing, which is a business model predicated on using independent representatives to reach potential customers. According to a PR Newswire article, Talk Fusion is marketed in upwards of 140 countries through its network of independent associates. Why did Bob Reina choose network marketing? Well, he realized that he had a great product that could revolutionize how information could be relayed; he just need to get the word out, and network marketing was the most viable option.


In an effort to differentiate Talk Fusion from other network marketing businesses, Reina uses an instant pay plan designed to allow associates to immediately receive a commission payment for any sales that they generate, which is seldom ever seen in the networking marketing realm. Typically, most businesses pay commissions on a weekly or monthly basis. Reina believes that paying his associates quickly keeps them encouraged and represents a “win-win” for everyone involved.


Not being one to rest on his laurels, Bob has already announced plans to build on his success with video emailing by introducing a mobile app that will allow users to send a video email, without having to be tethered to a desktop or laptop.


Bob Reina recognized mid-way through his career as a police officer, that he wasn’t realizing his full potential. His desire to create a better life for himself and his family was the driving force behind Talk Fusion, and through his network marketing business model, he is helping others realize their full potential as well. Learn more:

Edisoft has software that can help companies with their supply chain problems.

What is a supply chain? A supply chain is how a company gets supplies from one place to its final destination. A company is based in Boston wants to get a computer to its branch in London, the England, They put the computer on a van and the van takes the computer to the company’s boat at Pier 4 in Boston Harbor. The boat goes to England and a company car to the company’s London branch. Each part of the journey is part of the supply chain that finally gets the supply to its final destination (LinkedIn).


One of the problems that transport departments at companies have with supply chains is trying to determine how efficient a supply chain can be. With computers and satellites, they can track how a supply goes from Point A to Point B as best they can. In the past, the best that they could do is measure 70 percent of what was happening with the supply chain. Today, they can do better, but a company needs software or something to keep track of what is happening with all the variables that are involved in a supply chain.


Another problem is all the data that is involved in doing a supply chain. How fast would the van go to the pier? How long would the boat take to get its destination? What if a company sends the supply by plane? How long would that take? There would also be a lot of data concerning the supply. What time did it leave Point A? When did it get to Point B? Where was it at Point C? There would have to be some of way that a company can absorb all the data and make sense of it all.


One solution to the data and efficiency problems that transport departments would be to get software from Edisoft. They have the software to deal with these problems and a company can even try their software for free if they download the software the free demo from their website.


These are some companies that have had good experiences with Edisoft:


  1. Associated Hygienic Products
  2. G.H. Meiser & Co.
  3. The Mentholatum Company of Canada, Ltd.
  4. Golf Gifts and Gallery
  5. UltraClear


Transport companies and departments should be able to solve some of their supply chain problems by using Edisoft.

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The Futuristic-Jason Hope

In the Arizona area, Jason Hope a technology guru and futurist, is a household name in the field of technology. Jason multifaceted individual with skills and experience in writing, entrepreneurship, and investment. As the founder of Jason Hope Consulting Business, he shares his knowledge and expertise with other companies. This is one quality that has seen Jason grow and create a name for himself.

In addition, his experience and knowledge in business and technology has contributed to the informational piece on ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) that explains how technology is the largest advancement that entrepreneurs require and will experience. Being a graduate and an MBA holder, from Arizona University, has prepared him in his business related career. In addition, the education background has equipped him with the knowledge on how to handle his mobile communication technology business, (Jason Hope Consulting Business).

With a passion in technology, Jason is a futurist who uses his skills and knowledge to make predictions in the world of technology. From his futuristic point of view, the power of Internet of Things will be vital in the future as people get modernized. To Jason entrepreneurs should incorporate technology in their business in the future, as that is why the future of technology is.

As a dedicated and passionate young man, who believes that the future of entrepreneurs heavily relies on technology, Jason takes advantage and use of his skills to share some aspects of technology, and entrepreneurship with the community. This is an indication that he is an individual who believes in growing together with the community. This is also seen through his philanthropic work through Strategic for Engineering Negligible Senescence foundation (SENS), where he has been participating both financially and innovatively. The foundation conducts research on life extension and how to control disease re-occurrence to learn more: click here.

At the grassroots level, Jason mentors the youth in high schools around Scotland on technology issues. Moreover, he runs a grant program at the community level. The driving force behind the grant program was through his understanding of the hurdles that young entrepreneurs undergo, despite their amazing ideas due to the state of the economy. Moreover he believes that the future of technology is determined by the young entrepreneurs.

A Review Of Eric Pulier’s Exemplary Career And Education Background

Eric Pulier is one of the revered experts in the competitive technology and software industry. The entrepreneur’s journey is filled with numerous achievements ranging from founding companies to investing in different corporations. In addition, he has a sound educational background.

Pulier was a student at the Teaneck High School. While at the institution, the future executive leader founded his first company, a database corporation. The company focused on helping corporations to store their information safely. However, Pulier closed the company when he received invitation to join the prestigious Harvard University. He joined the institution in 1985 where he pursued his undergraduate degree in English Literature. In 1988, he graduated from the institution. While a student at Harvard, Eric Pulier wrote a column for the Harvard Crimson, the campus’ newspaper. His outstanding writing skills saw him serve as the editor of the newspaper to learn more: click here.

In 1991, the shrewd entrepreneur decided to return to the world of entrepreneurship. This way, he moved to Los Angeles where he founded the People doing Things. The company used technology to provide solutions to everyday challenges such as education, health, and farming. In 1994, he ventured into the world of technology by launching an interactive agency, the Digital Evolution. In 1998, the company merged with US interactive LLC for purposes of enhancing its dominance in the competitive industry.

Pulier is associated with over 15 companies, which he played a major role in founding, funding or co-founding. His contribution as a venture capitalist has resulted in success of many start-up companies. Some of these companies include SOA Software, Desktone, Media Platform, and US Media Interactive LLC. His outstanding business acumen has seen different companies enjoy millions of dollars in funding from investors across the US.

Eric Pulier is also a staunch supporter of philanthropic causes. The entrepreneur has contributed towards different community initiatives. Over the years, he has partnered with different charity organizations, including the Multiple Sclerosis Society to offer viable solutions through the use of technology. This organization focuses on teaching the public about multiple sclerosis. Other charity initiatives that have benefited from the Pulier’s support include Starbright World and Painted Turtle.