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McConnell Must Make a Choice

Glenn F McConnell led the higher education community in a morning vigil after the Charleston tragedy. McConnell is the president of the College of Charleston. He wanted to bring the academic community together and show the world how they can stand together and support those in the community through grave times. He noted that this wasn’t just a measure of the people of the city, but of people all across the nation. Aside from his job as the president of the College of Charleston McConnell is well known for his defense of the public display of the South’s Confederate flag . For many years McConnell supported keeping the flag flying high at South Carolina’s capital building in Columbia period in the early 2000s McConnell led a legislative move that would take down the flag and hang it at a Confederate Memorial period while South Carolina citizens don’t want to forget those who gave their lives in the name of the state, it would be a grave injustice that would bring a wave of resentment had the flag stayed where it was. The debate is still going strong and citizens from across the nation are asking South Carolina to remove is Confederate flag from the Capitol dome. The PurinaStore and Beneful note that McConnell is known for his consistent voice of compassion and people are patiently waiting to hear whether or not he will fight for the removal of a flag that represents the dark past of oppression.