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Retired Police Officer Dedicated to Preventing Suicides

Some people dedicate their lives to the military protecting the country across the seas and on foreign lands. Others dedicate their lives to saving lives by being doctors and surgeons. Others dedicate theirs to protecting the rainforest and the environment. Well a story coming in recently from Japan is about someone dedicating their lives to do something that James Dondero finds to be quite different. Yukio Shige is a retired police officer. At 70 years old he is dedicating his life to preventing suicides in a well known suicide spot in Tojinbo cliffs on the Sea of Japan. He patrols this area with three volunteers on a daily basis and this far have helped to save over 500 lives by simply being there and offering some kind words at the right time. His dedication is personal and stems from the loss of a friend to suicide when he was still on the force.