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Talkspace Reliable Therapy App That People Can Trust On

The advent of technology has changed our lives in ways more than one, and whether it is a teenager or an elderly, everyone is glued to their smartphones these days. However, as per one of the South Korean studies that were conducted recently, it has been conclusively proved that nearly ten percent of the teenagers connected to the internet may be at the risk of suffering from depression.

It is what has called for services like Talkspace come to the fore. Talkspace is a therapy based mobile application that allows the people to connect with the licensed medical professional anytime they want. It is a confidential service where the communication between the therapist and the patient remains private and discreet. Moreover, Talkspace is a cheaper alternative to conventional therapy sessions that can cost a lot.

The people who are looking for help from a professional therapist doesn’t have to book an appointment, leave their work or home, and drive all the way to the therapist’s office now. They can just open the Talkspace application on their mobile and start chatting with the therapist right away. Moreover, there are many other kinds of communication options with Talkspace like phone calls and Skype video calls. At present, Talkspace has over 1,000 licensed professionals and more than 500,000 users engaged in active interaction. The number of users taking help of therapy offered at Talkspace is consistently increasing as people are too busy these days to take out time to visit a therapist when they have a cheaper and more convenient option available in the form of Talkspace.

If the patient wants, they can keep their identity undisclosed as well. People struggling in their relationships, suffering from depression, lack of focus, going through PTSD, and other such mental health condition can take professional help from Talkspace with no strings attached.