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Perry Mandera the transportation Mogul and Charitable Giver.

Perry Mandera the transportation Mogul and Charitable Giver.

Perry Mandera is a pioneer in the transportation industry with a heart of gold. He has earned himself great prestige through his charitable acts. He is a founding member of Custom Cares Charities. Perry Mandera is a man that is constantly striving to help others as much as he could. He is a devout Christian. He is a member of the Marine Corps Reserves where he was previously assigned to the Bloomberg. He has a fondness for sports. Perry attended high school in Chicago where he graduated in 1975. After an honorable discharge from the corps, he worked for different trucking companies. He started his own business in 1980 but then sold it in 1985. He ventured into politics becoming the youngest Republican ward committeeman from 1984-1988.

Perry Mandera founded The Custom Company, Inc., in 1986. Currently, it has a large client list and over 300 employees. Its moto being “One Call Does It All.” Mr. Mandera created this to relay his vision of a lot of transportation needs in a decentralized platform. Perry has led the company for over three decades. During this period, he has ensured the use of new technologies to ensure efficiency. The company also offers online features like the electronic bill of lading (BoL or B/L). This is a significant part of its shipping chain. Perry is also a member of the Illinois Trucking Association. He was also identified as one of the top transportation executives of the millennium.

Perry’s philanthropic efforts majorly focus on the youth and educational organizations. He has also made generous contributions to cancer research facilities. In 2013 the company led by Perry donated transportation service to area adversely hit by tornados. The company also participates in programs designed to be mindful of the environment and ecosystem. When he founded the custom companies, he made it clear that the companies main priority would be to give back to the community.

When he is not busy running the company, he enjoys outreach programs. He has coached various sports teams. He is also a beacon and a mentor to other entrepreneurs who are trying to make it in the field. He cherishes time with his family and also participates in all his church activities.