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Perry Madera Explains How The Custom Companies Use Technology

The Custom Companies has been around for over 30 years and they have had to adapt to the increase in technology over that time. Perry Mandera of The Custom Companies recently shared three ways the transportation and logistics company uses technology to their advantage. As with all transportation companies, dispatching is a crucial element to their operation.

The Custom Companies has implemented a comprehensive software called Cheetah Dispatch. Cheetah is designed to give the truck drivers all the information they need to deliver their truckload on-time and schedule their driving for on-time pickups. The information is sent to the driver’s company provided tablet and gives them all the real-time tracking information that the dispatching center has on their delivery. It also allows them to store and send proof of delivery documents electronically, eliminating paperwork for the driver.

For the warehouse operations, the company uses a specialized database called the Warehouse Management System, or WMS. This database coordinates with the customers so they can track their inventory in real-time. This system minimizes delays and creates more on-time deliveries for their customers.

Perry Mandera is has trucking in his blood, having been involved in the industry for over nearly 40 years. Perry is the President and CEO of The Custom Companies, a Chicago-based full-service shipper with an office in Los Angeles. The company also provides their customers with shipping, warehousing, and a nationwide distribution network.

After graduating from high school Perry began driving his first truck as a driver in his United States Marine Reserve Unit. He enjoyed the open road, so at the age of 23 Perry began his own trucking company, which he operated for five years. After selling his trucking business, Perry founded The Custom Companies in Northlake, Illinois. What started as a two-truck shipping operation grew quickly into a large operation that included another location in Los Angeles and over 350 full-time employees.

The Custom Companies provides world-class service to its customers and handles all the shipping needs of many companies around the United States. They provide shipping, logistics, air freight, warehouse, and distribution service with its nationwide network.