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Jin Oh on Hiring and More

Working as the head of the publishing department at Riot Games, Jin Oh must hire a ton of people. Beyond this, however, he must hire people that will work well and cohesively as a part of the team. Read more about Jin Oh at

Teamwork in a high-pressure and deadline-focused industry is critical to the success of not only the publishing department but also the company holistically. In a recent interview, Jin Oh gave some hiring advice, as well as some notes about the exciting parts of his job beyond hiring. Visit to know more about Jin Oh.

Attitude is important. Jin Oh is quoted talking about attitude quite often, so it is no surprise that he would look for it in potential employees. Even advanced skills can be taught but a collaborative attitude with positivity cannot. Thus, Jin Oh emphasizes these qualities over raw skill and intelligence. Obviously, these are important, just less so. While the job that Jin Oh holds seems daunting and stressful, he also mentioned some aspects of it that excite him. He is innately focused on the players’ responses to the products released by Riot Games. The fans and the players have tons of feedback to offer on every aspect of each release, something that Jin Oh looks forward to.