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Wealthy Man Spends $8 Million On A Rescue Boat For Refugees

An American business man and his wife just spent over $8 million dollars in order to help the thousands of people that cross the Mediterranean sea each year to flee their country. This is such a dangerous act, as there are many things that could seriously injury the refugees both in the water and on the land, and now there is someone else out there giving them a hand.

According to an article found on reddit and written by The Plaid Zebra, Christopher Catrambone and his wife Regina were on vacation recently on a yacht when they discovered a floating life vest next to them. Horrified to learn it was likely from a drowned refugee is what made the couple decide to invest in something that could help the world and change it for the better. Not only did they buy a huge boat, but they also bought a couple of drones and some staff to go out to sea on missions and bring people in. Within the first two months they saved almost 3,000 lives including men, women and children’s.
Daniel Amen finds that it is fantastic that this man has the resources to help out the world and he does so. Not many millionaires would choose to share their money that way, but he is really doing something to help those people trying to escape the dangers of their own country. We will be hearing big news from this man for years to come.