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Helane Morrison’s Success at Hall Capital

The success of the financial sector and by extension the nation is highly dependent on the integrity of the members in the financial sector. Dishonest members in the financial sector misappropriate the money entrusted to them by clients and end up crippling the sector and denting the economy of the company. One of the best investment companies that have managed to employ people with integrity is Hall Capital which is entrusted with money by various clients. The firm is located in San Francisco in the State of California and was established over twenty years ago.

Hall Capital is one of the most successful money managers in the Bay area with at least twenty four billion dollars in assets under management. The success of the firm is highly attributed to the impeccable managerial skills of the head honchos who include former compliance officer Helane Morrison. The Chief Executive Officer of Hall Capital is one of the smartest entrepreneurs and has profound believe in the ability of women to lead in the sector just like the male counterparts. She has given women leaders’ opportunities to work at Hall Capital which has had the effect of steering the firm to where it is today.

In doing this the firm has attracted some of the wealthiest clients in the United States who have profound faith and believe in Hall Capital as money managers. Some of the notable families that Hall Capital manages money on their behalf is the family of the late Warren Hellman who was also in the financial sector. The firm also manages Hellman & Friedman, a private equity firm located in San Francisco in the State of California in the United States. Another wealthy client involved with Hall Capital is John Fisher.

One of the people who have also immensely contributed to the growth of Hall Capital is Helane Morrison. Currently, she is the managing director, general counsel and the chief compliance officer of the firm. She joined the investment company back in 2007 and before that she had been working at the San Francisco Securities and Exchange Commission as the head. Her stint at the exchange gave her the experience of taking care of people’s money, the importance and made sure that there was strict compliance of the regulatory framework governing the sector.

Helane Morrison holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a J.D in Law. She studied at the Northwestern University in Chicago for her journalism degree and did her J.D in law from the University of California Berkeley, school of law. She has been worked in private practice and at one time was a clerk at the US Court of Appeal and worked at the Supreme Court under Blackmun J. Her intention of working at Hall Capital is to ensure that at the end of it all, that there is public confidence in the financial sector once again after the 2008 financial meltdown.