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Allying With Putin is Concerning

One of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world is George Soros, who is currently the head of Soros Funds. Over the past fifty years, Soros has helped investors earn returns on investments higher than market averages through a diversified mix of investments. In that time, he has also amassed a significant amount of personal net worth, which is now estimated to be over $28 billion. While he is best known for his role in his hedge funds, Soros is also well regarded for his take on economic and social issues affecting the world. One area that he has been focused on recently has been the war on terror.
One of the most unusual factors about the war on terror has been the fact that the United States and Europe have been basically aligning with Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin. Russia has been affected by terrorism as much as any other country over the past few years and they have taken a very aggressive stance to combat it. Over the past year, they have routinely attacked ISIS camps in Syria and other countries around the world. This approach, which has also been shared by other countries, has seemed to have slowed down the growth of ISIS and other terrorist groups.

While it seems that Russia is aligned with the United States and Western Europe, their approach may not be the best option and countries should be wary of aligning with Russia. While they have taken out some ISIS camps in Syria, they have also devastated many villages and cities throughout the country. This has led to thousands of homeless people, which now need to leave the country. Many of these refugees have moved into Germany and other European countries, which has put a signifiant about of economic and social pressures on the countries accepting the refugees. Some believe that this may be a direct tactic of Russia to put strain on the entire European Union, potentially leading to its collapse.

Others are concerned that Russia may have other motives, which are not yet quite clear. Russia is well known to be in a difficult economic position. The declining oil markets are only putting more strain on the country, which is now expected to be facing bankruptcy in the next 24 months. It is believed that Russia could be looking to start a global fight in order to promote its economy and push oil prices higher, which would give a strong boost to the overall economy in Russia.