Changing the Way We Canvass with NGP VAN

NGP Van is a political software company that delivers fundraising for grassroots campaigns. They help democratic presidential candidates get their message across to the public. They assist with organizing campaigns for nonprofits and local governments. They assist political activists and help organizations gain a social media presence. They helped promote the International Day Without Women event in Washington DC and believe that women should be treated equally. They are helping people become more aware of the political climate in the world with their software apps.


Since NGP VAN has started assisting political campaigns, they have offered the arena analytical knowledge and has improved campaign organization. Their software can obtain information about voters and allow politicians to focus on specific topics of concern. They permit voters to have a stronger voice and their opinions to be heard. They have smartphone apps for volunteers that help with gathering the data from the public efficiently. They can process votes with the app and do not have to worry about the clutter that comes along with carrying paper.


In addition, NGP Van uses the “Street Team Canvassing” that permits workers to sign up voters and obtain their information online. When they are out canvassing or at a rally, they can easily organize the participates contact information. They can also use apps to contact voters on social media platforms. They have helped organize the LGBTQ community and aid in their campaigns. They are implementing software that can extract data by using binary gender labels. Their team consists of developers, engineers, designers and accountants. They employ human resource professionals, sales, account managers and marketers too. They have dedicated team that is focused on creating political change.


NGP Van has created their software to improve the canvassing method and make the lives of the organizers easier. They are already obtaining more accurate data and doing a better job at getting the voice of the people heard.

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