Charles Koch, Still in The Campaign Game

As the 2016 presidential race continues, one observer is taking issue with the lack of discussion of several key issues. That observer is none other than billionaire Charles Koch. Koch sat down for a rare interview with The Guardian recently to discuss the campaign and also to address the way he is often portrayed in the media.

Koch made it clear that he does not want to be seen as the type of person he is sometimes painted as. Koch stressed that he is interested in the political process and plans on making a substantial ($9 million) contribution to the republican campaign, even though he has serious concerns about the current crop of candidates. Koch also stressed that he considers himself a liberal, a fact which might surprise some media watchers. Koch said that he bases his style of liberalism on the 19th Century model espoused by thinkers like British politician William Gladwell.

The Issue of Muslims and Terrorism

One of the most troubling issues in the current campaign, according to Koch, is the issue of the US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. It troubles Koch deeply that none of the current candidates are discussing the role of the US in these countries, and what if any impact it has had on stemming terrorism.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has called for all Muslims in the US to officially register with the government. This idea is completely opposed to the philosophy of the US as a free thinking society, dedicated to personal freedom, and as such he finds it utterly unacceptable.

Cruz has called for carpet bombing Muslim countries that are affiliated with ISIS. Koch points out how extreme Cruz’s views are on this, while also pointing out that given the millions of Muslim people in the world, Cruz’s idea is irrational at best.

Despite his misgivings, Koch does plan on staying involved in the campaign and will eventually endorse one of the candidates. For now, we’ll have to wait and see who that candidate is.