Choosing The Right Lipstick

I have never been a person to wear lipstick as I think that it can become clotted on the lips. It never seems to apply as I think it should, and it can sometimes get on the teeth. I found a company called Lime Crime, and it helped to change my perspective about lipstick. There are several colors available and different shades of those colors. I have also seen bright colors that I never thought I would wear, such as green and blue. The lipstick that I have purchased from Lime Crime goes on smoothly, and it last longer on my lips.

There are a few commandments that I have started to live by when it comes to lipstick. I always try to have my lips as fresh as possible before applying any kind of lipstick. This is so that the makeup has a smooth canvas to adhere to, which can give a better color. It can also help keep the lipstick on longer. A quality lip balm is also used before I apply lipstick so that the lips stay moisturized. There are a few products that have more shimmer than others. While these are what I wear at times, I have found that they also dry out the lips more than those that have a matte look. The shine that is seen can also make the lips look cheap, which isn’t something that, as a woman, I want to portray.

There is such a thing as going too bright when it comes to lipstick. I have seen colors that don’t look that bright in the tube, but when they are on the lips, they shine like a neon ball in the darkness. Orange is a color that should be avoided on the lips as it’s one of the worst colors to stand out. You can also get a red lipstick that is too bright, making your lips look fake. I enjoy using subtle shades of pink and red that I know contrast well with the skin. Some might find that neutral colors work best. Find a color that goes well with the skin tone instead of something that you want to match with the clothing you are wearing. If the lips are red, then consider a shade darker, such as cranberry, so that you have a natural look to the lips. Makeup companies create shades for women to experiment with because they know that not all lips are the same.