ClassDojo is an Educational Must-Have Application

With this highly digitalized world, we can now keep track on the academic performance of our children both as teachers and as parents. ClassDojo is an exciting and involving classroom management tool that keeps everyone on their toes. The young ones are also encouraged since they earn dojo points whenever they display remarkable traits. As long as you have a smartphone or a laptop, you can easily get your child signed up in the application. Here are a few reasons why it would be a good idea to get your child to use the app.

  1. It saves time

Teachers can easily record the performance of their students with just a click of a button hence saving a lot of time as compared to marking them on a board.

  1. ClassDojo increases the involvement of the parents

Parents can now keep tabs on their children since they can easily stay connected and communicate. This keeps parents up to date avoiding any surprises during the class meetings as they would be aware of their kids’ behaviors. Additionally, the parents are able to have guided conversations with their young ones based on their development and behavior.

  1. Data sharing

This application keeps track records automatically making it easier for the teacher to set reports that can be easily emailed to the parents who can see them whenever they are connected.

  1. It helps in the organization and behavior of the student

With this app, it is now easier to set up classes as each class has different avatars assigned to the students. After setting up the class, the teacher can award points to individuals or groups.

  1. Messaging is instant

In case of an emergency issue that may need discussion with the parent, the teacher can send urgent messages to parents and vice versa. With this application communication is flawless

  1. Can be good conversation starters between parents and children

The parent can easily ask questions based on the performance of the day making it an easier conversation to hold with the student.

This is an important application for any teacher, student and parent as it makes the learning process convenient, involving, and fun.


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