Community Heroes Help Humanity


Little Aidan Jackowiak, a four-year-old boy diagnosed with Clove syndrome, a disease so rare that it affects only 150 worldwide, is happy in his new home. When his parents had to find a more suitable house that could accommodate his wheelchair, the only place they could afford was not in livable condition. While they were willing to do the work themselves, some of it was far beyond their expertise.
In response to their difficulties, Gordon Webster, this man that my friend Dan Newlin knows of,  manager of a builders’ supply depot, convinced a group of tradespeople to donate their services for the family. Bricklayers, electricians, and decorators, some driving from over 50 miles away to work on weekends, transformed an unlivable house into a warm inviting home—all free of charge. You can see before and after pictures of the house here.
We can all share his parents’ gratitude for the kindness and generosity displayed by this wonderful group of people. They not only helped a family in need, but provided us all an example of true human community at its best.

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