Contributions of Various Authors to the Brazilian Literature

Since the invention of literature, authors have continually played a vital role in safeguarding history and keeping alive past memories. The world over, authors whether poets, fiction, non-fiction, and even technical writers have in one way or another influenced social change and Brazil is no exception.

Literature and authorship in Brazil started a long time ago, initiated by the storytellers need to have their stories passed on to coming generations. This need to have people entertained or pass on information saw many Brazilians turn to writing. Most of them have had their work receive international recognition and appreciation. Several have also been awarded different honors for various roles that they play with their writing.

One such Brazilian author that has had a long experience as an author is Jaime Garcia Dias. Jaime is an accomplished author that has in the last two decades published over 20 books under his name. He started his writing while young and published his first book “The Devil to Pay in The Backlands” at the age of 18 years.

Born of an author father, Arnaldo Dias, Garcia received mentorship from childhood and might have influenced his decision of being an author just like his father. He joined a college in Rio de Janeiro where he studied literature and from 1993, taught literature at Carioca Literature School. He was then promoted to the school vice president and later on the president. It is during his teaching career that he did most of his writing.

Jaime transformed Carioca making it the largest and leading literature school in Rio de Janeiro. Another major accomplishment by Jaime is his award winning five books; Fell from Heaven, Canal, Two Ways, Tiny, and Clouds. He is currently a frequent contributor to Brazilian newspaper Journal do Brazil. Recently Jaime made a compilation of his stories from childhood in honor of his father, titled “Chronicles That Made Me a Man”.

Other world famous Brazilian writers include Graciliano Ramos the author of Anguish, Claris Lispector of Close to the Salvage Heart, Cornelio Pena of The Dead Girl, and Adonias Filho of Lazarus’s Memories. Euclades da Cuhna of Rebellio in the backlands, Rubem Fonseca of The Great Art, and Nelida Pinon of The Republic of Dreams also fall among top rated authors of Brazil.

These notables have collectively transformed and maintained liveliness of Brazilian Literature through their work. They also serve as an inspiration to young Brazilians who aspire to join the profession and this spreads on to the general society.