Duda Melzer

Chairman Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also known as Duda Melzer, is one of the largest known media conglomerates in South America. Duda Melzer is also the CEO and Chairman of EB Ventures. EB Ventures is both a venture capital and private company that was established back in 2012. During his career, it was his responsibility to transform Grupo RBS from old- school media to the technology based firm. Duda Melzer won several awards as CEO of Grupo RBS like Entrepreneur of the Year. Along with that he was selected to join the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise’s the very same year. His main focus today is the success of EB Ventures and on helping some early startups grow in Brazil and the US.

It is believed that the entrepreneurship is the way to positively impact growth within Brazil. While he was working for Grupo RBS, he realized that the firm had a lot of experience when it cam to managing and operating companies. That is when he decided to create an investment platform that was focused on the middle- market in order to help companies grow to the next level. His services are not just focused around capital. While yes, capital is necessary their value is in their contributions to things like operation, execution, and management.

According to meioemensagem, Duda Melzer says that he likes to start his day at around 5:00am with a good workout. Starting his day like this guarantees that things like his focus, disposition, and energy are balanced. With that being said, his workdays are very unpredictable. No matter what he does to try to plan or organize things, something always pops up during the day, so he has to stay flexible in order to deal with them. Melzer has a daily goal to finish his work day at home so he can be with his family. All of his balance and motivation comes form being able to juggle his work, sports, and time with his family. When it comes to new ideas in the company he likes to go ahead and make them a reality. Bringing a group of intelligent people together is one of the key things that help keep things running for him.


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