Edisoft has software that can help companies with their supply chain problems.

What is a supply chain? A supply chain is how a company gets supplies from one place to its final destination. A company is based in Boston wants to get a computer to its branch in London, the England, They put the computer on a van and the van takes the computer to the company’s boat at Pier 4 in Boston Harbor. The boat goes to England and a company car to the company’s London branch. Each part of the journey is part of the supply chain that finally gets the supply to its final destination (LinkedIn).


One of the problems that transport departments at companies have with supply chains is trying to determine how efficient a supply chain can be. With computers and satellites, they can track how a supply goes from Point A to Point B as best they can. In the past, the best that they could do is measure 70 percent of what was happening with the supply chain. Today, they can do better, but a company needs software or something to keep track of what is happening with all the variables that are involved in a supply chain.


Another problem is all the data that is involved in doing a supply chain. How fast would the van go to the pier? How long would the boat take to get its destination? What if a company sends the supply by plane? How long would that take? There would also be a lot of data concerning the supply. What time did it leave Point A? When did it get to Point B? Where was it at Point C? There would have to be some of way that a company can absorb all the data and make sense of it all.


One solution to the data and efficiency problems that transport departments would be to get software from Edisoft. They have the software to deal with these problems and a company can even try their software for free if they download the software the free demo from their website.


These are some companies that have had good experiences with Edisoft:


  1. Associated Hygienic Products
  2. G.H. Meiser & Co.
  3. The Mentholatum Company of Canada, Ltd.
  4. Golf Gifts and Gallery
  5. UltraClear


Transport companies and departments should be able to solve some of their supply chain problems by using Edisoft.

More at https://twitter.com/edisoftinc?lang=en

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