Eli Gershkovitch: A Smart Entrepreneur and Distinguished Lawyer

Craft beers are gradually gaining popularity worldwide, especially among the young people. In the past, domestic beer used to be the most popular choice among the drinking adults. However, this is changing as most people are shifting their preference from mass-market domestic beers to craft beers. Big corporate beer companies such as Miller Brewing Company and Budweiser are facing tough competition from microbreweries such as Devil’s Backbone, Hardywood, and Steamworks. These micro-breweries are enjoying higher profits with the increasing appreciation of beer diversity and different brewing methods, which is attracting many customers including sophisticated consumers.


Eli Gershkovitch is the founder and CEO of Steamworks, a Canadian brewery company that is renowned for producing and distributing first-rate craft beer. Gershkovitch is a prominent entrepreneur and a successful lawyer. He holds a law degree from the University of Toronto was a practicing attorney in Vancouver (Steamworks). When working on his clients’ liquor licenses, Eli gained insights on the licensing rules and how he could make them work for him. The idea of starting a craft beer brewing company came to him in 1987 when he tasted Belgian beer for the first time while on tour in Europe after graduation. On a trip to Heidelberg, Germany, he visited a microbrewery, and this was a significant eye opener for him. Eli Gershkovitch is an innovative entrepreneur, and his business expertise has led him to build a prosperous business. The Gastown location that chose for the brewery had an old steam pipe that ran through the building. As a shrewd entrepreneur, Eli used the steam heat system a source of energy for his steam-powered brewing and also derived his business name from it. Under Eli’s leadership, Steamworks Brewery has grown massively and has gained popularity as a producer of high-quality craft beers.


Eli Gershkovitch experienced some legal hiccups while trying to establish his business because the board that reviewed liquor licenses applications had initially declined his request on the basis of the location of his establishment (http://vancouverfoodster.com/tag/eli-gershkovitch/). Fortunately, Eli’s remarkable legal skills and the residents’ support saw him win the board’s approval. In 1995, he launched Steamworks pub with a capacity of 184 seats, and as a smart investor, he knew that the company would gradually grow with the increase in demand. As the company expanded, Gershkovitch opened up additional restaurants in Vancouver. In 2013, Steamworks Brewery hit a huge milestone when it launched the current taproom and brewery in the neighboring city of Burnaby in British Columbia.


Under Eli Gershkovitch’s guidance, Steamworks craft beer continues to be a leading brand locally and internationally. His commitment, passion, creativity, and proficiency in both business and law are a great asset to his business empire.


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