Eric Lefkofsky’s Contribution In Cancer Treatment.

Eric Lefkofsky born in 1969 is a successful businessman and is the co-founder of Tempus and also serves as the CEO. He has also founded Mediaocean, Chicago-based venture capital firm as well as Echo Global.

Eric Lefkofsky has always had entrepreneurial interests, and this was evident at his early age when he finished his law degree in 1993 and instead pursued business, his close ally Brad Keywell and himself got their initial capital from family members and bought Brandon Apparel which was a clothing company. Before venturing into the clothing industry Eric and Brad had started an internet business which majored in advertising products in 1991, the internet company became a great success, but they later sold it.

Since then Eric has been involved in many business ventures and has managed to be one of the wealthiest businessmen, his recent venture is Tempus which was founded in 2015. Tempus, a technology company, uses data to help in facilitating cancer treatments.

The technology uses genome classification, technology developments as well as science to help come up with the therapy. Tempus helps to unlock information from medical systems and enables the data to fuse with cancer therapy.

Tempus has an aim to extract patients information from the disorganized systems, and rearrange the data; this will ease the access to the data and ease in understanding. It includes the use of DNA and RNA sequencing in the laboratories. The laboratories have been created to process information of almost 50 000 patients yearly.
Eric aims to change how cancer patients are diagnosed and provide an organised and better system that can analyse and store the data.

Lefkofsky’s technology company Tempus can put all information in a central place, and Eric hopes that this approach will help provide more personalised treatments for patients as well as informed treatments.

Eric Lefkofsky’s primary goal is to get many people start in oncology, later on, those working in neurological conditions can also use the platform to collect information, Eric believes that to come up with personalised treatments Tempus is instrumental and will help profoundly in treating various diseases.

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