Eucatex – A Leading Producer of High Technology Furniture Products

Eucatex is one of the well-known paint producers and is currently the seventh largest in Brazil with a market share of three percent according to analysis from market experts. It did not take long for a company to reach the pinnacle of success as compared to other companies in the industry. The company started way back in 1951 but started its activities in 1954 in Salto. As a way to improve and maintain the environment, Eucatex came up with a brilliant idea that no company had ever thought of; using eucalyptus wood fibers as raw materials. Eucatex utilized eucalyptus in its production of linings and insulating as well as in the manufacture of ceiling tiles and panels. The incipient of Eucatex was Americana Sawmill Americana that was founded in 1923 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Over the years, Eucatex has thrived in producing quality paints and fiberboards to clients around the world. The leading paint producer grew rapidly and has been able to diversify its offices across the world from representative offices in Brazilian capitals and Buenos Aires (Argentina). The company also increased its production capacity back in 1965 and exported its ceiling tiles and panels to Europe. It advanced in operations and embarked on producing new hardboard mill and a Metal Industrial Unit in Salto and Barueri (SP) respectively. Today, Eucatex produces Plates, Paints and Varnishes and exports its products to more than 50 countries. The company oversees its operations through representative offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, Holland and Germany.

As president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf has been able to make significant upgrades and advancements in the company such as the launch of another factory in 1994 in Salto as well as the development in its laboratories with a full line of paints and varnishes. Mr. Flavio’s reign in leadership has been a vital element for the success of the company. He started working for Eucatex in 1987 but became president in 1997; after his skills had matured to an extent, he could lead the company. It was through Flavio’s incomparable expertise that brought the company to spotlight and gained international recognition.

Under his leadership, the company advanced in terms of technology and in 2010, a new T-HDF/MDF line was installed and manufactured high technology and mechanical resistance panels. Four years ago the company celebrated its 60th anniversary as a market leader and a principal manufacturer in hardboards, MDP and MDF panels, laminate floors and paints in Brazil. The company has also received various awards and accolades to acknowledge their endeavors. Some of these date back in 1997, where the company was awarded the National Confederation of Storekeepers and Directors-Coating and Partitions Category among others over the years.

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