Fabletics is taking the Athletic Clothing Industry by “Storm” with their Innovative Leisure Line

It was a concept of having comfortable yet stylish athletic wear that drove the formation of Fabletics in 2013. Before Fabletics took the athletic clothing industry by storm, women especially had to satisfy themselves with drab and shapeless clothing that were more suited to men than women. The founders, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg from the TechStyle Fashion Group realized that women were clamoring for athletic wear that was both comfortable and stylish.


The key concept would be making the athletic wear also be something that would be affordable. The athletic wear that was currently on the market was too expensive and just didn’t fit with some of the women. They wanted something more. Gaining the women’s trust in the product would be the first hurtle. Kate Hudson was the perfect spokesperson. She had a huge following and an enthusiasm that showed for these new products. Her enthusiasm and willingness to pitch in was the catalyst for the growth of Fabletics.


Kate decided early on to actively wear the products herself. This fact created quite a storm because celebrities don’t normally wear or promote the products they are selling. She did suffer some negative press but by standing by the product she gained the trust of customers. This in turn created a customer base that is loyal to Fabletics. It was important that quality issues were addressed head on and that customer service was responsive to customers’ needs early on. Kate worked with Fabletics by providing them with valuable information on how the clothes fit and their wear and tear.


Fabletics staff has learned a lot from Kate. The many positive reviews have helped them create more athletic leisure wear lines. The positive feedback has also allowed the founders to explore new ways to promote the products and reach out to their customers in a timely fashion.


Fabletics hasn’t rested on their laurels. They have utilized the user reviews that they received from many satisfied customers to create new and innovative athletic leisure wear. Demi Lovato, a well known pop superstar is part of the first collaboration with Fabletics’ newest line of athletic leisure wear. Lovato decided to collaborate with Fabletics because she loves that they stand for empowering women.


It was this concept of empowering women that also drove Internet sales. Many user reviews of the products often cited that wearing the products made them feel more feminine yet powerful. This concept that women felt empowered by the colorful and form fitting clothing took off. This created opportunities to explore how to improve the products even more. It is interesting to note that other companies have taken note of Fabletics’ success. This has created some competition in the industry.


Fabletics has cornered the market with their innovative athletic leisure line with their over one million paying members. Kate has a lot to do with this explosive growth. She would tell you though that it was a team effort with all the members and staff of Fabletics playing key roles.

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