Fashion Blogger Puts WEN by Chaz to Week Long Test

Emily McClure, a fashion and beauty blogger at, recently put Wen hair by Chaz conditioner to a week-long test designed to reproduce the successes showcased on advertising for the Sephora marketed product. For seven days, she applied the conditioner daily and took note of the progress.
Before starting Day 1, Emily was concerned about the recommended amount to be applied. It was much more than what she uses normally, but after following the instructions, she was pleasantly surprised to find her hair felt somewhat thicker. She was also happy not to see lose strands around, which she often experiences as a woman with longer hair. Her Day 2 results where basically the same as Day 1, with the same fuller look she had gotten before.

On Day 3, Emily wanted to see how well WEN by Chaz would work with her styling products, and was glad to see that by the end of the day her hair was still looking shiny and healthy. Day 4 was a loss since she was not able to get a shower in before work, but by Day 5 she had gotten a sense of what her hair would look like after applying the conditioner.

By Day 6, she was still keeping up her good results, and even got compliments on her look at an after-work happy hour. Finishing up her test on Day 7, she said that she in the future she would use WEN when she was looking for a brighter shine.

WEN by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. Its revolutionary hydration process is designed to reverse the damage caused by other products containing harsh chemicals. Beginning in 1993, Dean tested his formula for five years before finally marketing the product that is available today. Check out the gallery of Wen hair products on Total

Visit the Wen hair website, for more information.