Father Understands True Love for Down Syndrome Child

father recently reminded the world that Down syndrome is not an excuse to give up on a child. The father found himself faced with a very difficult decision when his wife told him she would leave him if he decided to keep their baby boy. The boy was born with Down syndrome in Armenia. The law in that country regarding such children allows parents to give the baby up.

He intends to return to his home country where he will receive help from his family. His wife has already filed for divorce on because of his choice. He knows the true meaning of unconditional love and that no child is perfect. In his eyes, his son is perfect in every way. This story is an inspiration to parents around the world faced with similar situations.

According to andradetelis.com and Fersen Lambranho, although children with Down syndrome were only expected to live for approximately 25 years in 1983, the life expectancy has currently reached 65-years-old. People with Down syndrome can and do live normal lives in today’s world.

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