Five Popular Myths About The Koch Brothers

Here are 5 myths that have been advanced since the Koch brothers joined politics.

The first myth is that the Koch brothers have emerged to fight the Obama administration. Since the early 1970s the Koch brothers have been involved with American politics. The brothers were not convinced by proposals advanced by the then presidential hopeful George Bush in 2003 and decided to do something about it. That is when they started fundraisers that have come to be known as Americans for Prosperity (AFP) IN 2004.

The second myth is that their network is a toy experiment. Their organization has grown over the years and has attracted over 500 donors since its inception. The Koch network meets twice a year and donates money in excess of 300 million dollars annually. This is a direct pointer that the network is just a group of wealthy like-minded conservative citizens to better American politics. The brothers do not have the ability to sway other multi-millionaires and billionaires.

The third myth sates that the brothers represent other companies that are featured in their network. This is not true since the brothers have opposed some reforms advanced by republicans. Charles Koch has been at logger heads with some industrialists who had previously supported them during the Obama care deliberations.

The fourth myth that the Koch brothers network is a secret and mysterious organizations set to finance democrats is unfounded. The organization is set up in such a manner that donations flow from members and the network is transparently run by the brothers and their allies.

The fifth myth is that the network is another political party in US. There are two parties in America: the Democrats and Republicans. The Koch network cannot be compared to either of these parties nor can it act as a political party. It exists due to the existence of these parties hence it cannot be termed as a third political party.

Charles Koch is one of the two billionaire brothers that run the Koch Empire. He is said to be a focused man that believes in the freedom of markets. He has categorically stated over the years that the government should not interfere with businesses. Charles was born in Wichita, Kansas and states that although he came from a wealthy family he worked to attain the position he now holds at Koch Enterprises. Charles Koch is well educated having attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he obtained his degree and later two masters certificates.