Former Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York Board Member Named President Of Institutional Products At Highland Capital Management

Terry Jones, the former Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York board member, and former president and CIO of Battersby Capital Management has been named president of Highland Capital Management’s Institutional Products division. Jones is not a stranger at Highland Capital. He was Lead Director of the Highland Funds before becoming a full-time employee, according to Highland Capital’s President and co-founder, James Dondero. Dondero said Jones will make a huge impact on Client services because of his knowledge and expertise in the risk management field.

The Dallas-based Highland Capital is growing faster than most hedge funds, thanks to Dondero’s ability to identify opportunities before they are revealed as opportunities. Dondero’s decision to invest in Argentina’s debt in 2014 is an example of Dondero’s insight. Jones is cut from the same mold, according to Highland Capital executives that worked with Jones in the past. Jones will be able to assist clients, and help them differentiate the good from the outstanding investments, according to Dondero. Jones understands the risks that are at every turn in the investment industry these days, and he has a solution for all of them, or at least most of them, according to his team.

Highland Capital has offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Seoul as well as the main office in Dallas, so Jones will be able to work with clients on several continents in order to produce the desired returns.

Highland Capital currently has more than $20 billion in assets under management, and Dondero expects that number to grow in 2016. Jones is considered an integral part of that growth. But growth is not in the main forecast for assets in emerging markets. China is having a difficult time keeping their markets together, and other Asian countries are following in China’s footsteps.

Latin American is lethargic thanks to a deep recession in Brazil and the unknown factor in Argentina. Mexico has been a bright spot for Highland Capital, but that may change in 2016. India is still giving investors better than expected earnings, but there are signs that even India is slowing down. Europe has its own share of challenges, and Dondero is staying away from European assets unless they fall into the technology sector. But all the doom is not holding Dondero and Highland Capital back. With Jones on board and a fresh start in Argentina things are looking up investment wise for Highland Capital, according to an article published by

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