George Mason University Benefits Greatly from Charles Koch’s Generosity

Multi-billionaire Charles Koch has over the years shown his philanthropic side and proved to care deeply about the welfare of the society. The presidential candidate has given out millions of dollars to different schools and colleges every year. One of his beneficiaries is the powerhouse George Mason University. The university has created a name for itself in the field of economics and law. George Mason University has partnered with Koch and in turn benefited greatly from his generosity. In 2011 to 2014 for example, the university received close to $48 million from the Charles Koch Foundation. As much as Koch gives more than $20million dollars every year to different universities in the US, none has ever received more than $1million in a year. From this finding, it is not only clear that Charles Koch is philanthropic and cares deeply about education but that also George Mason has benefited hugely from Koch’s generosity.

Critics may claim that Koch is doing so to advance his political ideologies by entrapping the university through the funding given to it. This is not true as the Koch’s representatives deny this to be untrue. The generosity comes without having any conditions. Charles Koch is not the only billionaire who donates to universities. In his defense, billionaires like Phil Knight who is the co-founder of Nick Inc. gave a scholarship of $400 million to Stanford University. The funds given by Koch help in filling the gap created by the dwindling public support. The support given by the likes of Koch go a long way in furtherance of education in the country. The beauty of it all is that they do not just give their financial support but their time as well. Koch offers his support without necessarily being an alma matter of the university. The grant given prohibits Mercatus from using the money given to influence legislation generally. The senator in Fairfax where the main campus of the university is situated has no problem with Koch providing financial aid to the university as it leads to the furtherance of the intellectual policy goals put in place.

Charles Koch has received quite a number of awards one of which is an Honorary Doctorate of Science from George Mason University. He received President’s Medal in 2014 from Wichita State University and the Spirit of Justice Award awarded by The Heritage Foundation just to mention but a few awards. The successful businessman and known philanthropist co-owns Koch Industries with his brother. Ranked as the sixth richest person in the whole world, he has an estimated net worth of around $34billion dollars. Charles is the chairman and CEO of the Koch industries serving with his brother David Koch who is the Executive Vice President. They inherited the business from their father and they deal with among other products, oil refining, chemicals, ranching and forest and consumer products. He is known to have classical liberal political views and was initially identified as a libertarian. He radically opposes corporate welfare. His kindness has gone a long way to helping many in the community he lives in and beyond.