George Soros Donates $18 Billion

George Soros recently made a single surprise donation worth $18 billion making it the single largest donation ever to be made by a private citizen for charity. The donation which was announced last week makes the Open Society Foundation the second largest charity organization in the United States besides Melinda & Gates Foundation. It also brings all his donations to the society to a whopping $32 billion. Soros was used to donating approximately $8 million annually, but he surprised many this year when the announcement came that he had donated $18 billion.

George Soros is a Hungarian American entrepreneur cum philanthropist who has been working closely with non-governmental organizations to promote democracy and equality in the United States and around the world. Soros is also one of the richest individuals in the United States, and his wealth is estimated at $23 billion. George Soros began his Charity work way back in 1989 when he started sponsoring black students from South Africa. Besides that, he has also offered thousands of scholarships to Hungarian students to study in the West.

George Soros is also the founder and main financier of the Central European University in Budapest. He established the institution to promote critical thinking in social sciences. The University is composed of students from across the world. They are fully or partially financed by the institution. Soros has always had the desire to ensure that no student who wants to pursue their further education denied that chance. Other than his passion for education, Soros is also a champion for democracy and has demonstrated that by sponsoring several U.S presidential candidates in the Democratic party including the most recent, Hillary Clinton.

His support for the Democratic Party has earned him critics from the Republicans who have accused him of several issues including seeking favors from the government. Open Society which was founded in 1979 has since donated over $14 billion to charity and civil rights organizations across the world. The society has received its fair share of the back clash in some countries who accuse Soros of working with non-governmental organizations to overthrow sitting governments. However, that has never been the case. Soros main objective is to see that all human beings around the world are treated equally.

In the recent years, Open Society Foundation has been working close home mainly sponsoring gay and lesbian groups which seem to be discriminated by the federal government regarding funding. According to the Forbes Magazine, The Open Society Foundation is one of largest financiers of most of the gay and lesbian activities in United States. Officials say that Soros, 87 intends to leave a vast majority of his wealth to the charity organizations.

In general, George Soros has spent almost all his life helping people. His foundation operates in more than 100 countries. His main objective is to promote human rights, combat authoritarianism as well as offer support to marginalized communities and groups such as refugees and the LGBT community. Open Society Foundation Spokesperson, Laura Silber said that Soros had changed the lives of millions of people around the world.

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