Gino Pozzo Refuses To Change His Dream Of Owning A Successful Premier League Club

The Watford FC team has been one of the most successful and prestigious of recent years with a Premier League birth to their name since the 2015-16 season and a 2019 FA Cup Final appearance. Prior to the current season, the club was one of the leading in terms of the handling of coaches with their success revolving around the fact no coach had been sacked during the season to become one of the most stable teams in England.

Watford CEO Scott Duxbury has been supportive of the approach taken by Gino Pozzo, which he brought with him from his time spent as the leader of Udinese in Italy and F.C. Granada in Spain. For the CEO, Gino Pozzo’s approach was a change of direction from what he was used to in England but he now feels the work completed by Pozzo is important on a global scale. Duxbury and Pozzo explain the Premier League club have removed the head coach from much of the equation when it comes to being completed to create a club capable of competing at the highest level.

Gino Pozzo remains one of the leading figures in European football because of his involvement in the English Premier League and Italy’s Serie A. The success Gino Pozzo has achieved means he has the chance to become a model for other clubs to follow in the future. For example, Gino Pozzo looks at all transfers and has the final veto over player arrivals because he is more than likely going to outlive the current head coach as a member of Watford.

Even when a private equity firm asked for the chance to buy a minority stake in Watford, Gino Pozzo refused to sell as felt the possible interference of others would destabilize the club. This also reassured fans the Pozzo family was taking a long-term approach to their stewardship of the club.

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