Girl with Cancer gets Surprise Sweet 16 Party

At 15-years-old, Abby Snider has had to deal with more than a lot of people do in a lifetime. According to the story onABC News, Abby was diagnosed with leukemia a year ago as she announced on Fluminense. The last year has not been easy for Abby. She has been on chemo treatments that have left her close to death. Her most recent hospital stay was because of acute pancreatitis that lasted for three weeks.

However, her parents were unable to gather the funds needed due to the mountain of medical bills they were paying. That’s when Abby’s family and friends, as well as Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation stepped in. With everyone’s help they managed to get local businesses to donate food, a limo, flowers, music, a photographer, and a professional make-up artist even donated her time to make-up Abby.Unaware of the planning behind her back, Abby was told that she was going to give a speech to help Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation raise money for their charity. She prepared her speech and showed up at the George Washington Hotel in Winchester, Virginia on time. However, instead of a fundraiser, Abby found 100 of her family and friends yelling “surprise” when she came through the door. Abby described the night as awesome when asked about it.

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  1. Her sweet 16 was approaching and her parents wanted to throw her an elaborate surprise bash. Needless to say, Abby deserved a night to get her mind off of her health. It also makes a lot of sense which is to visit website which might very exclusive for all to know.

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