Girls Donates Kidney To Her Father

The very first gift that a father gives his daughter is life, and now a daughter is going to return the favor to her her father who has a terrible kidney disease.

Alicia Mulero, age 24, recently found out that her father needed a transplant in order to survive. When she got tested the doctors found her to be a better match for him than most kids are for their parents, kidney-wise, and she agreed to fly home down to Florida to do that for him.Alicia and her father, Herminio, are very close and are in touch several times a week if not daily stated facebook. Herminio is incredibly grateful for his daughter’s willingness to donate a kidney to him so that he can be around longer and watch his grandson grow up. According to an article found on reddit and written by Yahoo! Parenting, Alicia knew that she was going to be a potential donor when she got tested after hearing that he was in stage 5 kidney failure. She wanted to be assured that she would be a match for him before telling him about it, because that way it could be a great surprise and a huge relief to him at the same time.

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