Glen Wakeman donates to the Red Cross

This year Puerto Rico experienced one of the most devastating hurricanes, the hurricane Irma that hit on September, 7th left an enormous economic crisis in the island with over a million residents losing power. Shockingly close to 60,000 residents are still not connected to power although recovery efforts were underway to connect everyone to a power source.

Red Cross has been quick in responding to the predicament facing the locals of Puerto Rico and targeting Twiter. There is massive in flax of the organization’s employees as well as volunteers on the ground of the island. In fact, they have been there before the Hurricane Irma had made its devastating landfall. Several stakeholders in the corporate, community and federal sectors have partnered with Red Cross to supply relief services and mobilized the volunteers. The supplies and services include food, water, cleanup kits, work gloves, home repair kits, hand sanitizer, insect repellant among others. Learn more about Glen Wakeman at Crunchbase.

Puerto Rico’s communication infrastructure had been brought down to its knees by the Hurricane Maria’s destruction, and the Red Cross organization had put its workforce to task in repairing and bringing back the normalcy. For instance, they had procured some satellite-enabled phones to be shipped to the island after the cell phone service had been interrupted.

The situation had partly been contained after about $55 million was raised by Red Cross to counter the devastation of Hurrican Irma and Maria despite it seeming unrepairable. Close to half of island was still littered with debris and no power at all. As a result of the effects, there is a more urgent need for support of the extensive relief efforts carried out.

About Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a business executive, entrepreneur, mentor and an investor. Besides, he coaches other Chief Executive Officers on better ways to manage their corporations. In a nutshell, Glen is the guy who wears many huts. Visit to know more about Glen Wakeman.

The current co-founder as well as CEO of a SAAS company formed in 2015 called LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman, has a firm belief in giving back to the society. In recent times, he donated $1,000 to Red Cross. He is also known for coming up with a methodology that would be used as a key performance index.


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