Glenn Schlossberg, The Move Towards Relaxing Into Creativity

As founder and CEO of the middle market firm, Jump Design Group Incorporated, Glenn Schlossberg is accustomed to being on the cusp of creativity. Although the inspiration for his entrepreneurial enterprise struck early in his 20s, it’s taken time for Glenn to fully realize the need for occasional breaks. Initially like most new entrepreneurs, he spent long days, trying to build his company.

After pouring energy into working at all hours of the night, he soon discovered that relaxation time mattered just as much. If not more. Because during family vacations Schlossberg has come up with a number of new ideas. Instead of jotting them down in a notebook, he sends what’s affectionately known by his staff as “vaca emails.” These emails either contain vital business tidbits or some burgeoning fashion idea. While he remains on vacation, his personal assistant and design team and on occasion his lawyer begin fine-tuning the details.

Glenn Schlossberg attributes away time as beneficial to his creativity. He surmises that the“inspiration” for most of the Jump Design new lines have come while on break from his job. It came to him as a whisper from another source, Glenn recalls hearing someone mention that taking breaks from business, increases both creativity and productivity. He decided to give it a go and found that it was sound advice. Ever since then he’s found a way to merge brief respite into business trips. For example, when he travels to meetings with potential buyers and clients, he schedules extended rest time.

One of Jump Design’s most popular lines is called the Tiana B. collection. It has a youthful, fun appeal. With Tiana B. the designs feature whatever is trending as “hot” and creates multiple standout silhouettes in 6 to 21 days. That’s a speedy turnover from design, manufacturing, and delivery to retail racks.

Additionally, philanthropy is something that’s very important to Glenn Schlossberg. He gives generously of his time and money to support several New York charitable organizations. Including raising more than one million dollars for the Joel Finkelstein Cancer Foundation. For more details about Glenn you can visit

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