Good Deeds Don’t Go Unnoticed

We all know what it is like trying to get by from payday to payday. Most of have had to count quarters and even sometimes pennies to get enough gas to get to work until payday. If you have ever been in that situation you have probably thought to yourself how nice it would be if someone would just throw a couple gallons in the tank for us out of the kindness of the hearts, but many of us do not expect it nor do we receive it. This was not the case for one lucky woman recently though. She was in a gas station in Georgia and was having a conversation with her fiance about how she was trying to scrape up enough money to get home stated About.Me . The conversation was overheard by an off duty officer who paid for $10 in gas and left the scene before the woman could express her gratitude. He deed did not go unnoticed though, she reached out to the department via their Facebook page and the deputy’s identity was quickly revealed to all.

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