Graham Edwards is a Leader and Philanthropist

Telereal Trillium houses 1 percent of UK’s workforce and is one of the largest companies in the UK with over 8,000 established properties there. They conduct business in strategic land, property partnerships and investment development . Telereal is known for their cost reducing track record and business transformation, capital release and risk management. They have partnerships that expanded over long periods of time. It’s partnerships are with some of the UK’s largest dwellers which include The Department for Work and Pensions, DVLA, Aviva and BT. Telereal trillium is a privately held company. Its headquarters is located in London and has 201-500 employees.

Telereal Trillium’s Chief Executive Officer is property developer Graham Edwards. Edwards has been the CEO of the company since the very beginning in 2001. in 2001 Edwards struck a deal with BT for a strategic 30 year partnership. The deal between BT and Telereal Trullium total floor area reached 59.2 million square feet. BT was able to gradually depart from their properties thanks to this seminal deal. Telereal Trullium has been able to benefit from the gain of value of their properties. Graham Edwards has proven to be a suited, strong leader that has taken the company in a positive direction (Crunchbase).

Edwards wants for all of the Telereal Trillium employees to prosper and gain potential. The work environment is a reflection of the way Edwards as a CEO. Graham is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. These days you can catch Graham Edwards at King’s College London studying International Relations in the War Studies Department. His focus of study is the Middle East.

Graham Edwards philanthropy activism has landed him on the boards or committees of Pennies, One Voice Europe, UK MKA, Protland Trust, UJIA, British Friends of the Hebrew University, and World ORT.



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