Gustavo Martinez Talks About The Importance Of Reaching Customers In Marketing

For the last 3 and a half decades, Gustavo Martinez has been making some big waves in the marketing industry. In fact, he’s been one of the names behind some of the most memorable marketing campaigns in modern history.

Over the last 3 and half decades, Gustavo Martinez has seen the marketing industry change and evolve with the rest of the world. At one point in his career, he worked for one of the biggest and most well-known marketing firms in the entire world, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide.

While working for this company, he served as their chief executive officer. Aside from this position, he also worked at McCann Worldgroup and Ogilvy and Mather as President. These 2 companies are also very influential names in the industry.

Recently, Gustavo Martinez made the decision to take his career in a completely different direction. While it may be a new direction, he insists that it is very similar to the roles that he played when he first got into marketing at the beginning of his career.

While most people call him a consultant, he thinks of himself as more of an independent contractor that works for a variety of different companies. Consulting has always been an important part of advertising and marketing.

Businesses have been asking for help from outside sources for generations and they likely always will. The position of independent marketing contractor is something that he had done for several years before becoming the President of large firms. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

There is a significant artistic process when it comes to marketing and each company will have their own style that they are known for. Gustavo Martinez has helped many com panies develop their brands into well-recognized household names. Raw creativity is something that is a driving force behind marketing.

Creative marketing campaigns are able to attract the attention of customers while having a good product can keep their loyalty. With advancements in technology, companies are able to streamline the process for their potential customers to be able to learn more about their products while tracking their experience as a user.

Creativity and diversity are both important when it comes to marketing.

Gustavo Martinez likes to be able to surround himself with creative and diverse people. These talented individuals are able to reach a lot of different types of people with the ideas that they bring to the companies that they are working with.

It’s important to not only create creative campaigns but also to make sure that you are able to reach your customers in places where they are likely to be able to want to purchase your product. For example, with refrigerators that are connected to the internet, companies will be able to advertise drinks or cool snacks directly to their customers.

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