Heart Transplant Recipient Meets with Donor’s Mother on Valentine’s Day


A very special Valentine’s Day meeting took place in Tampa this year. Jennifer Lentini, 31, met Vicki Brannon, 56. The woman didn’t know each other, but they were bonded together by a heart.

Brannon, nearly 18 years ago, made the decision to donate her sons heart after he was accidentally shot by a friend. Matthew McIntyre was a teen when the accident took place, and he was gravely wounded. Vicki made the heart wrenching decision, and Matthew’s heart was taken out of him and sent to Long Island. There, 18 years ago, it was put into Jennifer Lentini’s chest, where it has been beating strong for 18 years.

Matthew was just 14-years-old when he died from the accidental gunshot wound. Lentini was 13-years-old when she received the heart after spending months in the hospital due to heart muscle disease. Since then, Lentini has had the opportunity to fulfill her dreams. Now 31, Lentini points out she’s been living with Matthew’s heart for longer than she lived without it. She assured Brannon that she is taking great care of herself, to ensure Matthew’s heart continues to live on.

Upon meeting Brannon and Lentini embraced, before Brannon dropped down and placed her ear against Lentini’s chest. There she got to hear her sons heart beating, strong and stubborn once again said Jaime Garcia Dias . It had been a long 18 years for the mother who still mourns the loss of her son who she calls a “good boy”.

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