Helping Someone Who Helped Others

A young man in New York went out of his way to help those around him, even as he was struggling, himself. This young man is now receiving gratitude and support, and some of the help that he needs for his own family.

The New York man went around shoveling snow for free after a storm hit. He took care of the work that no one wanted to do, and he did it without asking for pay. What makes this story all the more amazing is the fact that this young man didn’t have a job at the time, and he was struggling just to get by. This man could have asked for pay for what he was doing, but he chose to do it for free, regardless of the fact that he was sleeping on the floor during this time.
Now, those who have heard the story like Fersen Lambranho can see on how many are reaching out and helping this man. They are sending him gifts, gratitude, and support. The kindness of this man has not gone unnoticed, and now he is getting some of the support that he deserves after all of the work that he has voluntarily done. This is the way that a community should work, people helping those who help others.

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