Homeless Man Helps Citizens In Snow Storm

A homeless man in Colorado as become the next internet sensation, as a picture of him helping someone push their car up an icy hill as taken to viewers all around the country and world. The whole state region of Colorado has been just getting buried with snow lately, and during a snowstorm the homeless man named Shelby Hudgens was outside helping people move along their way.

According to an article found on reddit and written by the Washington Post, Hudgens lost his house last November when it burned down and he has been living inside his car ever since. On top of that his dog, Black Jack, is his only companion this winter and he is hoping that someday he can get back on his feet and is very eager to work. When he was asked why he chose to help several people push their cars up the hill, he told the reporters that if he had to be outside anyway then he might as well just start helping people if they needed.

After his story hit the web, Hudgens had something really good happen to him. A viewer that saw him on the news decided to buy him a hotel room for the night and another person is raising money for him, which is already up to over $3,000 stated AnastasiaDate. In addition to that he has been offered a job and is looking forward to a new future.

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