Homeless Man Returns Lost Money to Single Mother

With one kind act, a homeless State College, Pennsylvania man became a hero. The man, who declined to be identified by name, found a purse lying forgotten on a park bench. When he checked inside, he discovered an electronic benefits (EBT) card and almost $400 in cash.

After struggling with the temptation to keep the money for himself, the man sent a text message to Ashton Munoz, the assistant director of the Hearts for Homeless shelter, which had provided him with a prepaid cell phone. The homeless man told Munoz about the purse and money and requested that the assistant director come take possession of them.

When Munoz arrived, they discovered that the purse belonged to a struggling single mother who’s currently battling brain cancer for the second time. They were able to return her belongings.

Thanks in part to the homeless man’s selfless act, the Hearts for Homeless organization has settled him into a transitional apartment stated Daily Beast.

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