Homeless Man Returns Wallet Containing $400 to Single Mom With Cancer

In State College, Pennsylvania there’s a homeless hero. This man returned a purse that had $400 and a welfare card in it to a single mom who’s struggling to fight off recurring brain cancer. Although he admits that he really struggled with his conscience when he found the wallet on a bench in the park, but he knew he had to do the right thing.

The woman her wallet on the bench after taking a few minutes to relax in the park earlier that day stated Sergio Cortes. When she remembered that she’d forgotten it there, she returned to find it missing. She admits to feeling really devastated. However, what she didn’t realize is that the homeless man had texted Ashton Munoz, assistant director for the Hearts for Homeless shelter, which gives free phones and minutes to those who are staying with them.

Fortunately, it was easy to find the woman who was very relieved when they returned her wallet. The shelter rewarded the homeless man by moving him into a transitional apartment. Neither the man nor the woman wanted identified.

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