Honest Couple Returns Over $2k Mistakenly Given To Them By Fast Food Restaurant

Honesty is truly a virtue especially when it comes to money. My friend Gianfrancesco Genoso’s website, gianfrancescogenoso.com uses this as its main theme. A woman stopped at Burger King recently for a quick bite. She ordered at the drive-through, paid, and then headed home without looking into the bag before she left. Once she was almost home she peeked in the bag only to find no food but cash instead. She called her husband who said to come home. There was never any question of keeping the $2631 that was freely given to her in lieu of a junior spicy chicken sandwich. The couple re-bagged the money and headed back to Burger King to return the cash. The employees at BK were so thankful to have their bank deposit returned and it may have saved someone from being fired that day. The couple are Jehovah’s Witnesses. As a reward for her honesty the manager offered her five free meals and a ‘thank you’.

One thought on “Honest Couple Returns Over $2k Mistakenly Given To Them By Fast Food Restaurant”

  1. This appears to be fairly contemptible given the measure of cash that could have been lost and what number of individuals would have been adversely influenced en route. The honest woman has no regrets. It is also good to write my essay online because that will help me in the long run.

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