How Dan is determined to bring justice to you.

Dan Newlin is an attorney of law in the state of Chicago. His journey to get to where he is began when he was years old when he was working for the Indiana police department and fire department. He had a passion to pursue law as a career and this saw him gain a position at the Orange County sheriff’s office. At this point, he was still very young and he served there for a period of about ten years till the point where he earned the title of high sheriffs detective.

He is known to be a very hard working man even during his twenties Dan was one of those people who follow what they are passionate about. This is clear from his career as a fugitive detective where he helped to apprehend very many villains. He earned very many titles and awards at this point of his life and this set him apart from the rest of the team since he was always willing to go the extra mile and ensure that the law has been enforced.

This great performance and will made him become recognized by the United States marshal for his extraordinary work ethic and love of the law. This saw him get accepted to the Florida state university to study law in the year 1997. He graduated in 2002, since then, he has gained licensing from the states of Chicago and Illinois where he practices law for a living. For those who know Dan, they will admit it that he is one of the people who protect their clients by standing by what they believe is true. In recent times, he has started the Dan campaign where he is using social media to reach out to clients and create a powerful brand for himself and the practice.
This winner attitude is seen in the results that he has been attaining. He is estimated to have recovered about one fifty million dollars in terms of accident compensation and also injury victims. This has drawn in more clients for him since he is a good man. He has been able to build his practice from the small office with one secretary that it used to be to a lavish law firm where he and his team of eighteen highly qualified lawyers have been serving the Florida and Illinois region with professional legal services. Dan Newlin was also discussed by

This growing practice currently has created about 75 jobs and they are very focused to see justice served to victims of accidents and injuries. The team is very vocal about issues that pertain to medical negligence that causes injuries and even loss of life. Dan himself says that this is a gray area where people walk away with crimes due to lack of help, He is determined to see justice served.

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