How Jason Hope’s Internet of Things Will Change How We Travel

If you’ve been paying to the tech industry you might have become aware of this little term — The Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things refers to the way that our world is increasingly becoming connected by way of the internet — even in our day to day lives and every day activities.

Jason Hope is a futurist who firmly believes in the growth of the IoT and how it will change the industry in our future. Jason Hope points to the constantly evolving airline industry as an example of how the IoT is going to change everything.

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You can look at Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787 model airplane for a perfect example of what the Internet of Things means to the every day consumer. These plans are networked from head to toe in order to feed data to people monitoring the systems. This network of information keeps everyone on board the plane safe and secure. The Internet of Things is literally saving lives. This safety measure also extends to other aspects of airline travel including customer service, fuel efficiency and even how effective and easy it is to handle your bags at the airport.

Jason Hope has been on the brink of tech innovation for his entire career. His work with the SENS Foundation has proven as innovative as it is important and that only lends more credence to his faith in the Internet of Things. Jason Hope’s work as a futurist is important and tech investors should be paying attention.

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