How Maarten de Jeu is Changing the Outlook on Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry has been sharing the foundation of science and industry with the community for many years. Today, Maarten de Jeu, a financial professional in Chicago is encouraging the community to learn more and be more hands-on with science.

One of the primary interests of Maarten de Jeu was sharing the history of the bicycle. He was the co-chair for a program called “Science Spins”, a program that taught visitors the history of the bicycle, as well as how the wheels function and aerodynamics of how quickly the wheels turn and more. 

The Museum of Science and Industry is now the largest in the Western Hemisphere. This museum is fostering a new level of education with students utilizing The Farrell Fellowship to encourage a love for learning for these students within the city of Chicago. 

This internship runs throughout the summer months in an attempt to keep students into the learning mode, and preventing teens from getting involved in gangs, drugs, or other questionable activities. 

The program runs for a total of five weeks in all, including coursework that is similar in fashion to what the students are following in their respective schools. There are a few requirements throughout the summer program that also get students accustomed to speaking in public, as well as involved in leadership development. 

The program is also designed to stimulate creativity in the students. The program is concluded by them putting together a project that they are able to share with their community and with the museum. The activities are interactive, meaning they are able to get those who observe involved with the exhibit. 

When the program was launched in 2014, the program was centered around creating bubbles. The show promoted bubbles and how they look from the perspective of studying Chemistry. 

Visits were made to local libraries, in which the students were encouraged to create carnival tents from newspapers, as well as to create and launch model rockets. The display was encouraging for the educational community. Learn more: http://

Maarten de Jeu is known for his ability to create business strategies, but he is also now regarded as one who can strategically bring the community together through science in Chicago. 

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